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Wolfe Springs Resort Project

Project Details

Project Overview: Wolfe Springs Golf and Waterfront Resort will offer owners luxury cottage-living without the worry and work normally associated with private cottage ownership. The resort is being promoted as an upscale development and Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is an important part of this claim due to the fire resistance, sound proofing, energy savings and green benefits.

Location: Westport, ON

Amvic Distributor and Installer: Newcon Construction – 613-561-0799 davedallow@kos.net

Developer: Clermont Venture Corporation Limited

Project Progress:

Winter 2008 – ICF construction in progress.
April 2008 – ICF construction fully completed.
May 2008 – Finishings installed.
June 2008 – Project completed.

Project Partners

On choosing Amvic…

“We elected to use Amvic ICF for Wolfe Springs Resort even though it was approximately 1.5% more expensive than traditional construction because we believed that the inherent value was definitely there. The fire and sound proofing between units was a huge advantage for this project. The increased R value and ongoing reduction in heating and cooling costs for our owners was another benefit. ICF is environmentally friendly on many fronts, from saving trees initially, to the ongoing energy savings. We also felt that with “winter construction” the quality of the finished product was better than we would have achieved with typical wood construction. We are promoting Wolfe Springs as an upscale development and Amvic ICF is an important part of our claim. In addition, Dave Dallow’s team from Newcon Construction worked weekends and throughout the winter to help us achieve the opening date, it was a pleasure to work with them. To say we are pleased with our decision to have used Amvic ICF is clearly and understatement.” – Elwin Derbyshire, Owner/Developer. Clermont Venture Corporation Limited

Wolfe Springs Resort Project Photos