Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach SilveRboard to a foundation wall?

SilveRboard can be attached using a water base construction adhesive or it can be attached mechanically using a nail gun.

Do you need to install a vapor barrier when using SilveRboard under a concrete slab?

By taping the joints of SilveRboard you eliminate the need for a dedicated vapor barrier. Refer your local building code.

Does SilveRboard have a high enough density to be used under a concrete slab?

Yes, we offer SilveRboard in three high density options – 35psi, 44psi and 60psi to meet with construction requirements.

How do you utilise Silverboard in an exterior foundation/ frost wall application?

High density SilveRboard is ideal for foundation and frost wall insulation applications. Due to its unique double face vapor barrier surface film and exceptional flexural strength, it can be used both internally and externally ( between foundation walls and soil backfill.) The board can be glued, screwed or nailed to concrete walls.

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