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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you put interior framing on top of Amdry?

    Yes, non-load bearing walls can be installed on top of Amdry.

    Should you leave the spacers in the walls after Amdry installation?

    Depending on the exterior floor finish, in most cases the spacers can be removed. Refer the Amdry installation guide.

    Can you put carpet/ hardwood on Amdry?

    Yes you can put both carpet/ hardwood on Amdry. We recommend placing hardwood for slab on grade application and engineered hardwood for below grade applications.

    Would Amdry survive a flood?

    Amdry is engineered to manage moisture, vapor and incidental water leakage through appliances and foundation walls.

    Can you nail hardwood to an Amdry panel?

    Yes, Amdry can be nailed and stapled and both must be less than 1 ½ inch in length.

    Can you put self adhesive vinyl tiles directly on Amdry?

    No, self adhesive vinyl tiles cannot be directly applied on to Amdry, a surface layer of plywood must be used first.

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