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Amvic AmDry Floor

AmDry Subfloor

AmDry Insulated Subfloors are Warmer, Drier, and more Energy Efficient

What is Amdry?

Amdry® is a Do It Yourself (DIY) all-in-one insulated subfloor system with a moisture resistant protective surface film designed to be installed over existing concrete slabs. The combination of the film with raised drainage allows for any moisture to be dried over time. It is compatible with virtually any screw down, nail down or floating floor-cover finished flooring

Amdry comes in two configurations, an interlocking OSB with a connector system, and a tile version designed for areas susceptible to high moisture or the need for tile floor finish. Both versions significantly reducing slab surface moisture and temperature fluctuations that may lead to mold and mildew problems.

Thus the Amdry panel is ideal for basement subfloor applications providing you with a healthy, comfortable and warm basement floor.

Amdry Insulated Subfloor for Basement Flooring

Benefits of the Amdry Subfloor Panel:

1. Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfortgreenguard_ul2818_gold_rgb_green

  • The combination of Amvic’s high quality EPS foam insulation laminated to 19/32” (15mm) OSB edge grooved OSB offers a truly superior insulated flooring surface
  • Panels are available in R5, R7, R9 and R11
  • Amdry insulated subfloor panels create a warm floor increasing the thermal comfort of occupants while improving the energy efficiency of the building thus making it ideal for a basement subfloor application

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • The bonded surface film on the underside of the foam protects the EPS insulation and the OSB from absorbing moisture that would originate from the concrete slab.
  • The combination of the surface channels with the moisture resistant protective film allows Amdry to provide continuous air flow over the existing concrete slab allowing for any trapped moisture to evaporate over time.
  • By decoupling the finished floor from the concrete, moisture sensitive finished flooring such as hardwood, laminate or carpet remain in a dry environment virtually eliminating the potential for mold and mildew growth.

3. Secure Connector System

  • Amdry subfloor panels are installed quickly and easily using a unique and flexible connector system. The 100% recycled plastic connectors lock panels effortlessly together, without the need for nails or glue, significantly speeding up the installations process.
  • The Amdry connectors are inserted into the edge grooves of each panel and use a flexible barb fastener to allow for easy insertion and yet provide unparalleled long term holding power. The system is engineered to provide a secure and tight connection for years to come.
  • These unique connectors eliminate all the issues commonly associated with wooden tongue-and-groove joints; squeaking floors, broken, damaged or chipped tongues and grooves, often damaged from before, during or after installation.
  • The hollow core of the connectors allows for expansion of the entire floor assembly that naturally occurs when dry wood is introduced to high humidity areas. This built-in compression joint virtually eliminates any chance of buckling or heaving of the floor surface due to excessive expansion.

4. Quick and Easy Installation

  • The large Amdry® panels (24″ x 48″) provide a full 8sf surface coverage unlike other products on the market which come in a tile size format.
  • The larger panels can accommodate minor irregularities and slopes often found in concrete slabs reducing or eliminating the need for shims and/or spacers.
  • 50% less joints speed up installation and improves surface integrity.
  • Larger boards reduce cutting time of both the boards and connectors.
  • The larger panels translate into 40% savings on installation time.

NOTE: Check to make sure the floor is level and any major holes or uneven areas greater than ¼” over a 36” to 48” area be repaired using a self-leveling concrete product.  The AmDry panel will accommodate minor irregularities and uneven spots in the basement floor.

Product Applications

  • Basement floors
  • Garage floors
  • Workshops
  • Bathrooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • Home theaters
  • Play rooms

Installation Steps

Before the installation of the Amdry subfloor it is important to ensure that the concrete slab is free from any debris and protrusions, ensuring a clean leveled surface. Any portion of the slab which is out of level by more than ¼” over a 36” to 48” area should be repaired to a level surface by using self-leveling concrete.

How to install Amdry Insulated Subfloor

Step 1: Place 1/2″ (13mm) spacers, starting in one corner. Align the first Amdry® panel against spacer boards.

Step 2: Insert the connector by hand into the end of the Amdry® panel and place the next panel.

Step 3: With a row of panels completed, begin the next row by making sure to stagger the panels by starting with a half panel.

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* For tile installation please see Amdry Insulated Subfloor Tile

Expanded installation instructions

Amdry Subfloor Expanded Installation PDF

Amdry Floor and Wall physical properties:

Amdry Physical Properties

Major Code Approvals Amdry Subfloor

Amdry – ICC- ES Evaluation Report ESR-3426Amdry – CCMC 14017 R

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