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ICF Accessories

System Platon Armtec

Armtec Ltd. - Platon Foundation ProtectorPlaton ‘air gap’ is a tough, dimpled, 24 mil high-density polyethylene waterproofing membrane. The system prevents water leakage problems by providing exterior water control, interior and exterior moisture control and drainage. Platon has been providing leak free performance on ICF foundations since 1994 and offers a 30 year limited leakage warranty. www.systemplaton.com

Plumwall Ltd. – Bracing Systems

ICF construction Plumwall Ltd. - Bracing SystemsPlumwall Ltd. provides premier residential and commercial ICF bracing solutions for ICF construction to make installation quick, accurate & professional. The residential Original Brace is fully ‘pin’ adjustable with a unique fold-up design that ensures you get from job site to job site with all parts intact. It also has a platform level ‘plumb’ adjustment to make the final modifications of freshly poured walls a one-man operation. The Commercial Brace for high wall applications up to 24 ft high is an engineered component system comprised of ladder sections, outer braces and movable platforms. Corner Angle Braces, Econo Braces and Knee Wall Braces are also available. www.plumwall.com

Simpson Strong-Tie – ICF Ledger Connection

Simpson Strong-Tie - ICF Ledger ConnectionThe ICFVL Ledger Connector System is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting wood or steel ledgers to ICF walls. The ICFVL is designed to provide both vertical and lateral, in-plane performance. Benefits over anchor bolting include better on-center spacing, faster installation and no protrusions. The embedded legs of the ICFVL are embossed for additional stiffness and the hole allows for concrete to flow through and around the connector. The exposed flange on the face of the ICF provides a structural surface for mounting either a wood or steel ledger. www.strongtie.com

Soprema – Colphene ICF

Soprema - Colphene ICFColphene ICF is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane for ICF foundations. It is composed of SBS modified bitumen and a polyethylene woven complex facer for flexibility and strength. This surface provides 100% protection from UV radiation. Colphene ICF can be applied directly to the surface of ICF. www.soprema.ca

Wind-Lock – Foam2Foam Foam Adhesive

Wind-Lock - Foam2Foam Foam AdhesiveFoam2Foam™ Foam is a multi-purpose, low expansion construction adhesive and gap/crack filler. This professional quality, quick-curing foam is ideal for various applications in ICF construction including adhering forms to footers, securing pipes, reducing air infiltration and keeping pests out. Foam Guns and Foam Gun Cleaner are also available. www.wind-lock.com

Tajima – G-Saw 210P ICF Folding Handsaw

Tajima - G-Saw 210P ICF Floding HandsawG-Saw 210P ICF is designed for cutting ICF, foam and plastic. It features a thin, rectangular shaped, fine-tooth blade that cuts quickly and ensures that each cut stays on track. The saw is lightweight and its contoured elastomer handle provides a comfortable grip. The blade folds into the handle for safe storage and opens into two lock positions, straight across or with the handle angled upwards to keep the hand away from the cutting surface. Replacement blades and an optional coarse-cut blade for fast cutting of a variety of materials are also available. www.tajimatool.com

Amvic Screws and Hangers

The Amvic ICF screw is designed to help with efficiency, speed and cost during the construction process. The Hex Head provides better holding capacity for fastening into the ICF web, the coarse thread increases the holding capacity and pull out strength and the loose washer prevents screws from being recessed into lumber when fastening to the web on an ICF form. This also makes it easier and faster for screw removal.

The Amvic ICF wire hooks are designed to work in conjunction with the Amvic FormLock ™ interlock system ensuring the tightest interlock possible, making this system the highest performing ICF block in the industry.

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