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Over the last several years, the hydronic radiant heating industry has evolved by leaps and bounds. Innovation in hydronic installation systems have now helped increased job site efficiency, enabled faster turn around times and resulted in considerable savings in labour.

Evolution of Radiant Heating:

1. Evolution began based on the need for a vapor barrier, to enhance the efficiency of in-floor heatinge.g. Bubble wrap


Underlayment products however provided minimal thermal resistance and did not meet stringent building code requirements.

2. Flat Sheet Foam was then introduced to meet the required thermal resistance.

Although the insulation requirements were met, it still required a dedicated vapor barrier.

3. Laminated flat sheet products evolved that combined insulation with vapor barrier

Installation of hydronic radiant heating was still labor intensive as the PEX tubing has to be stapled or zip tied.

3. Evolution of the PEX panel to ease installation through a locking mechanism


Flat sheet evolved further into a PEX panel to enable easy installation of PEX tubing with the introduction of nubs and grooves. These panels are easy to manage and help to increase efficiency. However, some of these panels did not meet the insulation and vapor barrier requirements and several of them still required the tubing to be stapled down around the corners etc.

4. The latest innovation in a PEX panel – incorporated insulation, vapor barrier and a superior interlocking mechnism that completely eliminated the need for staples or ties.

The Ampex Insulated PEX panel by Amvic incorporates:

  1. Superior EPS insulation R 10+
  2. Continuous vapor barrier through a high impact polystyrene film
  3. Unique mushroom nubs lock the tubing in place and eliminate staples and fastening requirements
  4. Large four side ship lap interlock holding the panels in place
  5. Consistent grid pattern for the PEX tubing ensuring uniform heat distribution
  6. Considerable nub height protecting the tubing when other sub trades walk over the installation 
  7. Incorporates a unique bridge design to completely encase the tubing in concrete for maximum heat distribution
  8. Accepts wide range of PEX tubing diameters due to the nub height
  9. Maintains high thermal and flexural performance
  10. Available across a wide range of PSI strength for several residential and commercial applications

The Ampex insulated PEX panel by Amvic Building System helps plumbing and mechanical contractors tremendously with an efficient and effective hydronic radiant heating installation