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Capitalizing on the Earths Energy

The AMVIC ECOAIRTM ground-air heat exchange system capitalizes on the relatively constant ground temperatures found 5 to 7 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) below the earth’s surface. Before entering a building’s indoor ventilation system, fresh air is pre-warmed with ground heat in winter, and pre-cooled with cooler ground temperatures in summer. For example, in mid-latitude North America, where ground temperatures are 45°F to 54°F (7°C to 12°C), AMVIC ECOAIR can assist in raising the intake air temperature by up to 16°F (9°C) during colder months, and reducing it by up to 29°F (16°C) in the summer.


  • Provides controlled fresh air ventilation that is filtered for dust and allergens
  • Significantly reduces the amount of additional energy required to heat and cool a building, especially when combined with a heat or energy recovery ventilator (HRV or ERV)
  • Lowers the relative humidity
  • May eliminate the need for a central air conditioner in temperate climates
  • Requires only a small amount of electrical power to operate an air intake fan
  • May eliminate the need for defrost cycle in an HRV


  • Modern, air-tight buildings that require fresh air ventilation for a healthy indoor air quality
  • Residential buildings designed according to ASHRAE 62.2 standard
  • Residential and light commercial buildings designed to achieve LEED ratings
  • Buildings with high occupancy levels such as schools and hospitals