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Company Overview

Providing Unmatched Quality & Prompt Delivery

Amvic’s primary manufacturing facility and head office is located in Toronto, Canada. Amvic has also aligned with several factories in the United States and internationally to produce high quality, energy efficient products. U.S locations include Nixa, MO; Charlotte, NC; Salt Lake City, UT; Post Falls, ID; and Anchorage, AK. International locations include Mexico, Ireland, Romania and Russia. These factories are independently owned and operated by Amvic partners who share the same vision and manufacturing process as Amvic Toronto. All Amvic ICF and EPS facilities are equipped with top of the line machinery, which ensures that the highest quality of energy efficient products are manufactured consistently. Amvic’s exceptional network of facilities enables us to produce incomparable products that can be delivered promptly anywhere in North America.

People: Understanding your Passion

Amvic employees understand your passion to reach beyond the standard because we are driven by the same goal. We are energetic, motivated and committed to providing you with the highest quality service and energy efficient products in the industry. Consequently, Amvic’s impressive rate of growth over the last six years and current success as a leading manufacturer of insulating concrete forms (ICFs) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) can be attributed to the hard work of the entire Amvic community.

Distribution Network: Fostering Innovation
Amvic’s distribution network consists of hundreds of “green”, energy-efficient building design professionals throughout North America who provide the service and support you need from the beginning of your project(s) to the end. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Products: Offering Exceptional Value

Amvic’s entire line of products are designed to provide you with an unmatched level of quality and performance.

Company Background

Victor AmendPresident – Dr. Victor Amend, PHD Building Science, has been actively involved in the construction industry since getting his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering in 1981. For several years, Victor worked as a project manager for a large construction company where he oversaw the development of multi-family, industrial and commercial structures. Following this, Victor decided to return to school to get his PHD and become a lecturer. After a couple of years, Victor decided to enter the construction industry again after discovering an energy-efficient home building process using insulated concrete forms (ICF), and started his own environmentally-friendly, green building materials manufacturing facility, Amvic Building System.

How it all Started

In 1998, Victor moved to Toronto, where he began looking for a new home. He was specifically interested in purchasing a concrete home due to the various advantages including lasting value, energy efficiency and structural strength.

After spending months looking, Victor was forced to purchase a wood framed house due to the lack of alternatives. Victor saw this as an opportunity to provide the market with a green home building process like ICF, which would make building with concrete more efficient.

After researching the existing ICF market, Victor concluded that the industry lacked an energy-efficient product that encompassed quality, strength, innovation, and ease of installation. As a result, he decided to start his own company to produce an ICF that would provide these combined benefits to the consumer.

“When we first examined the ICF industry, two areas for improvement became very apparent. First, we observed contractors using a terrific amount of time to assemble products on the job site. Secondly, once assembled, these products performed poorly when filled with concrete. We have designed our forms to eliminate these two problems.”
– Dr. Victor Amend, President

Read Dr. Amend’s interview with the ICF monitor in Nov 2001 (pdf)

Company History

The first Amvic ICF manufacturing facility was opened in 1999 at 72 Carnforth Road, Toronto, Canada. In January of the same year, the company debuted at the National Association of Home Builders show (NAHB). By June Amvic had established itself in the insulated concrete form (ICF) industry and was producing ICFs for the North American market. Within a few years, they began manufacturing in the United States, where facilities were opened in Missouri, North Carolina and Utah. In November 2002, the company launched an extension to the green home ICF product line with the introduction of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation for conventional construction.

Today Amvic is an industry leading manufacturer of ICF and EPS Insulation materials as a result of providing products that consistently exemplify exceptional quality, superior strength and ease of installation. Since Amvic started, the company has experienced increasing demand for its products which has led to rapid growth and expansion that is anticipated to continue in the future.