About the Amdry Subfloor Panel

The Amdry subfloor provides a continuous thermal break across the entire concrete floor surface while allowing moisture and air to move freely over the concrete thereby creating a warmer floor surface, a drier and more comfortable space to live in.

Why Use Amdry?

More Energy Efficient

• The combination of Amvic’s high quality EPS foam insulation laminated to 19/32 OSB edge grooved surface board offers a truly superior insulated flooring surface.

• Available in R5, R7, R9 and R11; Amdry insulated subfloor panels offer the most energy efficient subfloor panel on the market today to meet even the most demanding cold weather installations.

• Amdry provides a continual thermal break across the entire concrete pad surface while allowing moisture and air to move freely over the concrete pad; warmer floor surface; less energy required to heat the room above.

Drier Basement

• A combination of deep drainage and ventilation surface channels bonded to a protective film allows Amdry to provide continuous air flow over the existing concrete slab, promoting moisture evaporation, keeping your basement drier, limiting or eliminating the surface moisture on the slab which leads to mold and mildew in this type of floor assembly.

• The bonded surface film on the foam also protects the foam insulation and OSB from absorbing moisture, which significantly reduces the potential for mold and mildew in the surface board.

DIY, Easy Installation

• Amdry’s unique flexible connector system allows panels to effortlessly lock together, without the need for nails or glue, significantly speeding up the installations process.

• 50% less joints speed up installation and improves surface integrity.
Larger boards means reduced cutting time of both the boards and connectors.

Faster Install with Larger Panels

• 24″ x 48″ Amdry panels each provide a full 8 sq. ft. surface coverage, unlike competitive panels which are only 23.25″ x 23.25″ (3.75 sq. ft.) or smaller.

• Amdry panels require 40% less installation time and labour than competitive products.

• Amdry larger panels also better accommodate irregularities and minor slopes often found on basement floors reducing or eliminating the need for shims and/or spacers.

Strong Connector System

• The Amdry connectors are inserted into the edge grooves of each panel and use a flexible barb fastener to allow for easy insertion and yet provide unparalleled long term holding power.

• These unique connectors eliminate all the issues associated with wooden tongue-and-groove joints: squeaking floors, broken, damaged or chipped tongues and grooves, often damaged before, during or after installation.

• The hollow core of the connector allows for expansion of the entire floor assembly that naturally occurs when dry wood is introduced to high humidity areas. This built-in compression joint virtually eliminates any chance of buckling or heaving of the floor surface due to excessive expansion.

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Product Features

R ValueAvailable in R5, R7, R9 and R11
MaterialsCombination of high-density EPS foam insulation laminated to 19/32” OSB edge grooved surface and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) film
StrengthA compressive strength of 25 psi (172 kPa) suitable for most residential household loads

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