Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

While we all spend time enjoying the summer activities, beautiful weather and long bright days, we soon have to come to the realization that fall is around the corner. The fall season is a great way to transition into winter by facing a decrease in temperature and leaves falling, but before fall is over, there is definitely some things around the house you should do to prepare for those colder months.

Put your air conditioning unit to rest with temperatures dropping, you can begin removing your window units and store them properly to protect the unit during winter. Home A/C units can be powered down from the breaker and the safety switch located near the unit outside.

Insulate your basements to prevent heat loss, thereby saving costs and maximising on your energy efficiency. Amvic’s DIY AmDry subfloor system provides a healthy, comfortable, warm basement flooring by significantly reducing slab surface moisture and temperature fluctuations that may lead to mold and mildew problems.

Shut off and drain outside faucets by closing any shut-off valves and then opening the outside faucet to drain the line. This will prevent pipes and faucets bursting or cracking which can be an expensive disaster.

Inspect your furnace and clean or replace the furnace filter to help enhance the quality of air flowing through the house and to help the furnace run more efficiently during those cold winter months.

Check your roof for any cracks, wind damage or shingle damage. This is important to do so that you can repair any damages and prevent any leaks or drips from happening before the fall and winter season during heavy down pours and snow and ice.

Clean the Gutters regularly to avoid water being blocked by debris and fallen leaves. Water from the roof should flow through the gutters smoothly which also helps keep water from getting inside your home or causing other damage.


Quick checklist:
1. Store your lawn mower, hoses and other summer equipment
2. Seal cracks around doors and windows
3. Check your smoke and CO detectors
4. Give your home a general cleanup


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