SilveRboard Graphite & Panelized Building Solutions; the new innovation for building better homes

The National Association of Home Builders reported that complete home panelization is the fastest growing segment of residential new construction.

Panelized construction is the improvement of traditional construction by combining the knowledge of “stick frame” construction and bringing it into a controlled, efficient manufacturing environment using advanced technology and quality materials. With panelization, the wall assembly is built in a climate controlled, energy efficient location with the use of framing tables and machinery. The panels are designed with computer software to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The major benefits of panelized construction for the builder is that it reduces on site labour, reduces waste, reduces WSIB costs and the home is built accurately every time. Moreover, the panels are built in a controlled environment which reduces weather related delays, it is 37% + faster than traditional stick frame construction and overall produces a superior quality finished product. Because it is a faster process of construction, the builder can offer a more reliable completion and move in date. This is also a great benefit for the homeowner.

Homeowners also incur additional benefits from having a home that is built using panelization. Panelized construction reduces warping, shrinkage and squeakiness in floors, provides a better fit and finish, and provides confidence to the homeowner that the home was built with accuracy. Another advantage of paneling is the ability to install continuous exterior insulation during the process by using the SilveRboard Graphite by Amvic; a higher performing insulation for exterior wall assemblies. When combined with paneling, the SilveRboard Graphite offers additional benefits to homeowners by providing better temperature stability throughout multiple levels of the home, increases comfort, reduces energy costs, reduces external costs, and overall provides a better insulated home.

More and more homebuilders have turned to paneling as a solution to preserve accuracy and deliver quality. The addition of SilveRboard Graphite insulation panels means that the carbon embedded beads offer exceptional long term R value retention and performance. The film on the SilveRboard Graphite also provides engineered water vapour permeance and air barrier properties that eliminate the need for additional weather rated barriers such as house wraps. Another great benefit is that due to its flexural strength, the SilveRboard Graphite panel is suitable for any house design including radius walls.

SilveRboard Graphite insulation along with panelized construction methods have changed the way construction is performed. This highly effective combination provides the most energy efficient, sustainable, and cost effective solution for home builders and homeowners today.


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