“Shoot Your Shot” in this Newly Built ICF Shooting Range

When it comes to building with Insulated Concrete Forms, there are endless possibilities to what you can build; like a shooting range for example.

This is the first indoor shooting range facility in the area of Helena, Montana with various types of users, including law enforcement, military personnel and civilian gun enthusiasts.



As an indoor shooting range, there are many circumstances to why you would want to build a structurally sound, durable, safe place for visitors. Insulated Concrete Forms already has many benefits, but they are also an advantage particularly for this application. The utilization of ICF’s provides this shooting range with ballistic and acoustic advantages. With bullets being projected indoors, a poured concrete Icf wall is ideal for protection. ICFs also reduce the sound impact from a gun being fired which is essential for employees, civilians and local neighbors.



The retail store and the gun range is separated by a concrete wall while the entire building envelope is highly insulated and energy efficient to last a very long time.

The owner of this shooting range was very much pleased with the outcome, as the project was completed on time and within budget. Using ICFs contributed to the timely deadline as there were no weather delays in construction while building during Montana winter conditions.


For more information on how you can use insulated concrete forms on your next project, contact us today.


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