Poultry Barn in Ontario Building with Energy Efficient Products – Set to Achieve Several Benefits for Years to Come!

Building an energy efficient, durable structure is key to ensuring lifetime cost savings and longevity; among several other benefits, as listed on Amvic’s website.

While Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) actively contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of residential and commercial buildings, another major market that reaps these benefits are agricultural buildings, such as potato storage/barns, as well as poultry barns.

Amvic is proud to have taken part in the building of a broiler barn in Ontario currently under construction, that uses Insulated Concrete Forms and the Ampex insulated panel for hydronic heating.

Hydronic in-floor heating is beneficial for poultry barns since the chickens are closer to the ground and can receive even heat distribution. The birds are warm throughout the entire space of the barn and not clustered under typical forced air heaters. The health of the chickens is not compromised either, due to maintained temperature control and CO2 levels from hydronic heating. (Refer to poultry barn project profile)

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are also beneficial for livestock, providing a tight thermal envelope, durability, and better indoor air quality. ICFs also eliminate the penetration of outdoor pests and rodents that can harm the birds inside.

In this project, all of these factors were considered and contributed to the decision of using ICFs and in-floor heating. However, another important factor considered was the short timeline to have the barn complete and ICFs offer faster construction time allowing the owner to maximize from early completion.

Although much concern can arise from how to maintain walls when using insulated concrete forms for agricultural applications, there are many options that ICFs are compatible with, that will allow wall washing and maintenance to occur without damage. To learn more about these questions and concerns, and to find out how to build your own energy efficient project follow the construction of this poultry barn on our social media, and on our website.

Contact us to find out more about building a barn with Amvic.

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