Largest Multi-Storey Condo footprint in Niagara, Ontario

Multi-storey condo

Olympia Retirement Condominium development with a 4.9 acre parcel of greenspace in north Niagara Falls. – See more here.

Amvic is proud to be a contributor of Niagara’s largest retirement condominium development built by quality builder Niagara Olympia Homes. With over twenty years of experience and delivering quality homes and service to the people of Niagara Falls, Olympia Retirement Condominiums provides an environmentally friendly, energy efficient home for adults looking for a safe, quality way of living.

This 69 unit, 3 storey condominium is built using Amvic’s Insulated Concrete Form system. So how does Niagara Olympia Homes build? “The system consists of two layers of polystyrene insulation into which the concrete is poured. These forms are permanent and become part of a superior, energy efficient, insulated monolithic concrete wall which reduces noise transmission; improves energy efficiency and thermal resistance within the unit. These walls lower utility costs while providing a safe, quiet home as well as adding resale value to your condominium.”

Designed for the aging, but active adult market, this 4.9 acre site offers abundant green space, above ground garages, a secure gated neighbourhood and walkways to close amenities. – See more here.


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