To Our Valued Customer,

Amvic would like to remind you to remain vigilant regarding emails
and requests for sensitive information and banking information. There are many
spam and phishing emails trying to exploit the systems we all have in

As a reminder:

  1. If you are ever told by Amvic or any supplier they have changed their
    banking information ALWAYS verify by other means such as a phone call
    to the company or company rep. Call the number or person that you
    know, not the phone number at the bottom of the email which may be fake.
  2. Chances are if you receive an unsolicited email from an institution that
    provides a link or attachment and asks you to provide sensitive
    information, it’s a scam. Most companies will not send you an email
    asking for passwords, credit card information, or credit scores, nor will they
    send you a link from which you need to log in.
  3. Always provide credit card information via phone and not via email.
    Or call our accounts receivable department at 416-410-5674 ex 134
  4. Don’t just check the name of the person sending you the email. Check
    their email address by hovering your mouse over the ‘from’ address.
  5. Make sure no alterations (like additional numbers or letters) have been
    made. Check out the difference between these two email addresses as
    an example of altered emails: Just remember,
    this isn’t a foolproof method. Sometimes companies make use of unique
    or varied domains to send emails, and some smaller companies use third-party
    email providers.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you have the most secure security system in the world.
    It takes only one untrained employee to be fooled by a phishing attack and
    give away the data you’ve worked so hard to protect. Make sure both you
    and your employees understand these specific email phishing examples
    and all of the telltale signs of a phishing attempt.

Amvic. Inc

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