ICF Expo

The ICF expo is the first exposition and conference focusing exclusively on Insulated Concrete Forms. Taken place at the Metro Research Centre in Delta, British Columbia on March 9th, the ICF expo emphasized the importance of thermal performance in all construction assemblies. The exposition consisted of two parts, ICF wall and floor form manufacturers and accessory products, and a conference with exceptional speakers from across Canada. Some topics included National Building Codes, Building envelope design, Architect acceptance and Green Construction. The ICF Expo is not only the world’s first expo focused on ICF, but also consists of an educational program that aligns with the growing ICF industry. The ICF Expo is one of many tradeshows that Amvic attends to showcase their ICF and ICF 3.30 plus block. Along with other insulation products, Amvic is always looking for ways to align with the growing industry proving energy efficient and sustainable construction methods.

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