Holmes3+logo2Mike Holmes is North America’s most trusted contractor. Not only has he been a contractor for over 30 years, he has made it his personal mission to ensure that contractors and homeowners get the very best advice. On his show “Holmes on Homes” and in subsequent shows, he helps right the home improvement wrongs experienced by Canadian home owners. Now Mike Holmes is partnering with Amvic to bring you ‘Holmes Approved’ building materials that ensure you have a safer, greener and healthier home.

Amdry Basement Subflooring

According to Holmes: “I use Amdry because it’s key to building and renovating a home right—especially when it comes to basements. I see a lot of mould and heat loss in basements. A home could be losing as much 60 percent of its heat through the basement! That’s unacceptable.”

Amdry is an easy to install, one-step insulated subfloor system. One side has a moisture resistant protective surface film so that your Amdry subflooring not only reduces slab surface moisture, it also helps to insulate. The Amdry subflooring system reduces temperature fluctuations so that your home is fitted with a healthy, comfortable, warm basement flooring while reducing the chance for mold and mildew.

How it Works

Mike Holmes: “Amvic’s Amdry sub-flooring panels have moisture- and mould-resistant EPS foam insulation on one side with raised drainage/air-circulation channels and OSB sheathing on the other. The foam provides a continual thermal break across the entire floor surface, so you’re stopping heat loss and saving energy—your floors are warmer, too. But it also stops the cold concrete floor from coming into contact with the warmer indoor air. That prevents condensation. And if there is any moisture or condensation build-up, the drainage channels allow it to dry out.”

The wealth of benefits that Amdry offers conforms with Mike Holmes’ ethos that homes that are build better mean people live better. The ease with which Amvic and Amdry are installed help create homes that are built right the first time.

“Do you really get what you give? I believe it. I am proud of this partnership because together, Amvic with the Amdry panels and I are helping improve building standards from the ground up so you can have a better home,” Mike Holmes.


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