Amvic Launches New Installer Cards

Quality ICF producer, Amvic, this week launched their new installer cards. The cards will be awarded to qualified installers through their territory managers and will enable installers to avail themselves of comprehensive Amvic benefits.

“We’re really excited about the new installer cards,” said Brenda Tovar, spokesperson for Amvic; we’re issuing the new cards to ICF installers. Installers who have the old laminated cards should request a replacement card. Installers with the new Amvic cards will be eligible for fantastic benefits. We will be sending regular newsletters to inform card holders how to take advantage of our benefits as they become available. This is such a great opportunity for qualified and prospective ICF installers!”

How to get an Amvic Installer Card

It couldn’t be easier! Whether you already have an old installer card or if you need a new card, simply contact your territory manager and they will submit an application on your behalf to Amvic. Your new Amvic Installer Card will be posted right away. You will receive regular newsletters on new benefits as they become available as well information on how to claim your benefits.

How to become a qualified ICF installer

Amvic provides training for prospective installers. Installation seminars are held over a full day where builders, homeowners, architects, and contractors can learn the technical points to installing Amvic ICFs. The course is aimed at professionals and covers the following:

  • Features & Benefits of ICF construction
  • Tools required
  • Footing types and preparation
  • Basics of block installation and assembly
  • Rebar placement & installation
  • Window and door installation
  • Top plate/sill & truss/rafter installation
  • Bracing and pouring ICF walls
  • Elevated concrete floors & roofs
  • Utility installation: electrical & plumbing
  • Below grade installation and waterproofing
  • Multi-story applications
  • Wall claddings (stucco, siding, etc.)

Classes will be held in Toronto with John Krzic on March 23rd 2013, April 20th 2013, June 22nd 2013. To book, click here or call 1-877-470-9991.

For classes in Northern California with Bill Juhl call 1-800- 296-1917.

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