Amvic ICF recently obtained a third party assessment of their eligibility for points in the various LEED rating systems. Mindscape Innovations of Kitchener, Ontario is one of Canada’s leading professional services firms in the LEED market, and has played a key role in founding the LEED-Canada for Homes program. They determined that Amvic ICF products are a significant contributor in energy efficient and environmentally responsible design, and form part of many of the industry’s best structures. ICF has an earned reputation of excellence, and is recognized by the US and Canada Green Building Council’s in their LEED programs by being eligible for points in several LEED rating systems.

LEED means ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ and is a green building program designed to quantify the environmental benefit of various green building strategies in a rating system format, which ultimately includes a certification program that places a certification label on the constructed building. Both the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) create and deliver the LEED rating systems with the USGBC being the global originator of the LEED brand. Buildings which meet all the pre-requisites in the rating system become eligible to be certified at the ‘Certified’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, or ‘Platinum’ levels.

Amvic ICFs were assessed based on four LEED rating systems making up the primary programs for the commercial and residential markets, in both the US and Canada. The four systems are:

  • LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations (NC) (USGBC)
  • LEED-Canada for New Construction (NC) (CaGBC)
  • LEED for Homes, owned and delivered by the USGBC in the US
  • LEED-Canada for Homes, owned and delivered by the CaGBC in Canada

To learn more about how Amvic ICF contributes to your overall LEED certification points, review our Amvic ICF and LEED brochure or contact Gary Brown at 416-410-5674.


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