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Why DIYers Choose Amvic

Amvic DIY products are integrated solutions that create an energy efficient and comfortable living space while enabling a quick and easy installation.

DIY Kits


DIY Multi-Product Home Improvement Kits

Amvic provides multiple DIY kits giving homeowners a complete packaged solution for various home improvement projects.

  1. SilveRboard Acoustic kit: Reduce noise transmission in a home, can be used for partition walls, ceilings and in theater and media rooms. Available at Home Depot (online) in US and Canada
  2. Garage door kit: For insulating metal and wood garage doors to reduce heat loss from indoors to outdoors and prevent heat gain from sun facing exposure. Available at Home Depot (online) in US and Canada.
  3. High Density (HD) foam kit: Insulating under concrete slab or external backfill applications, frost walls, foundations and crawl spaces. Available at Lowe’s Canada.
  4. Utility installation kit: For general purpose insulation projects and craft applications. Available at Lowe’s Canada.

Ease of installation

Amvic DIY products are designed and manufactured as all-in-one solutions that enable a quick and easy installation for new builds and renovations. They incorporate special design features that expedite installation while overcoming impediments of traditional installation methods and without requiring any specialized tools and compromise on job quality.

Improved Comfort

Amvic products deliver high R-value thereby ensuring a more comfortable home. They are designed for better moisture control and reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth and improving the indoor air quality significantly. The built-in acoustic properties enhance sound reduction across rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Amvic products are an ideal choice for energy efficient retrofits. The composition of the products ensures high thermal resistance over the lifespan of the building resulting in a consistent performance. The combination of innovative properties contributes to energy savings and greatly reduces utilities costs over the lifespan of the home.

Cost Effective

Amvic DIY solutions are designed to be cost effective and competitive, providing every homeowner with maximum value for every dollar. They are easily accessible through online ordering for in-store pick store or direct delivery.

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