Amvic Advantage

Why Residential & Commercial Developers Choose Amvic

Amvic product benefits support scheduling deadlines, R-Value, building code requirements and enhancements to the total cost of ownership and return on investment of their building

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)


Sustainable, energy efficient building envelope

Developers build and invest in many different construction sectors, from hospitality, commercial, multi-story residential to senior homes. Amvic ICF can easily address this diversification by manufacturing various concrete form widths to address multiple engineering and design specifications. Amvic ICF provides developers with a sustainable, energy efficient, building envelope with significantly lower long-term maintenance requirements thereby dramatically improving the value of their builds.

  • Faster construction times
  • Better indoor environment (sound attenuation, indoor air quality and thermal comfort)
  • Resilient construction (fires, hurricanes, tornadoes)
  • Addresses and exceeds wind and energy codes

Ampex Insulated PEX Panel


Savings on hydronic radiant in-floor heating

Developers choose hydronic heating in their build when they want to reduce HVAC costs, lower overall maintenance fees for their tenants and facilitate a more healthy and comfortable environment. The Ampex panel enables faster installation which benefits the developer when it comes to savings on labor costs and achieving project completion dates.

  • Consistent temperature control
  • Insulation helps reduce heat loss
  • Reduces labor and installation time

SilveRboard Graphite Rigid Board Insulation


Continuous insulation achieves improved thermal performance of the wall assembly

Developers look to SilveRboard Graphite as the wall insulation of choice when they want to receive a long term stable R-value and achieve building code requirements and construction permits while remaining cost effective. SilveRboard Graphite provides continuous insulation and a tighter building envelope.

  • Lower cost per R-Value
  • Industry leading flexural strength
  • Available in 8ft and 9ft versions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reduced onsite waste and damage

Financial Considerations

Amvic products are manufactured to last. When purchasing Amvic products you are investing in the total cost of ownership of the product as well as the return on investment that the products provide. When building with Amvic, builders can speed up construction and achieve an earlier date of completion providing the owners with early occupancy revenue.

Design Flexibility

Amvic products support intricate design details that are usually a challenge with traditional construction. Both SilveRboard and ICF provide the necessary flexural strength to build or conform to a radius wall. Our products are suitable for several design types and does not compromise the overall aesthetic or design of the building.

Installation Efficiency

Amvic products are designed and manufactured to provide considerable cost and labor savings. All our products are easy to use and incorporate special design features to expedite installation without compromising the quality of the job.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Amvic products are a significant contributor in energy efficient and environmentally responsible design. Because of their durability, they result in less breakage and therefore reduce job site waste considerably. The combination of recycled materials and energy savings over the lifespan of the building contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

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