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Amvic AmDrain foundation insulation board

Amvic AmDrain foundation insulation board is an EPS (expanded polystyrene) panel with one flat side and one side vertically grooved to provide both a drainage system and an exterior insulation, it is used as a supplementary component in all types of foundation building systems.

AmDrain Features

  • Rigid Type II EPS exterior insulation, which helps to reduce the risk of cracking in the concrete foundation.
  • The exterior flat surface of the board which is in contact with the soil provides a capillary action causing the water to be directed down the AmDrain board to the foundation drainage tile.
  • The interior surface of the board which is in contact with the concrete foundation is vertically grooved to provide an additional drainage plane relieving any hydrostatic pressure that may develop before the foundation wall; the moisture is redirected down to the drainage tile.
  • AmDrain provides additional protection during backfill to the waterproofing and / or damp proofing system installed on the foundation wall.
  • AmDrain is available in sizes 1220mm (4 feet) wide by 2135mm (7 feet) or 2440 (8 feet) in length.
  • AmDrain is easily installed with no special tools, equipment or skills.

AmDrain Interior Continuous Wall Insulation

Amvic System AmDrain Interior

• AmDrain is also an ideal insulation product for the interior poured concrete or concrete block foundation wall
• The vertically grooved surface is secured to the foundation wall using an approved construction adhesive for foam insulation
• The tongue and groove interlocking joints of the AmDrain provide continuous wall insulation without the need to tape the joints 
• The drawing shows a typical wall installation assembly for AmDrain interior wall insulation

Installation Process

Step 1: Damp proof the foundation wall as per the local building code, and leave to cure prior to installing AmDrain.

Step 2: Once the Damp proof  has cured, starting at a corner location, apply a quarter size spot of EPS approved adhesive on the grooved side of the board, and attach the board so that the grooves are placed in a vertical plane to the foundation wall. The top of the AmDrain should be placed flush with the underside of the sill plate. Appropriate flashing details at this location are required.

Step 3: The bottom edge of the AmDrain should have a 6mm to 13mm (1/4” to ½”) gap between the top of the footing to ensure proper drainage to the drainage system or drainage tile. The board can be easily cut with a fine tooth handsaw.

Step 4: Once the AmDrain is installed on the entire foundation wall, place 100 mm (4”) of course gravel against the bottom edge of the AmDrain insulation and over the previously installed drainage gravel over the tile.

Step 5: Backfill according to normal construction practices.

Step 6: A stucco or similar finish installed to manufacturer’s specifications, is placed over the AmDrain to depth of 300mm (12”) below grade to ensure a watertight finish of this system.

Step 7: The finished grading is sloped away from the foundation wall as per normal construction practices.

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