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High Performance Underlay

Improve your living environment, reduce your heating cost. For use under: Laminated, Engineered or Hardwood, carpet or ceramic tile floor. Thermoquiet performs as an anti-fracture layer and vapor barrier.

Thermoquiet is easy to install, with integrated lip and tape for quick vapor-tight lap joint and can be glued on one and two sides or floated. Amvic Thermoquiet meets code requirements for residential and high rise applications.

The cushion layer improves sound and thermal insulation properties while reducing standing fatigue while the reinforced reflective FOIL Layer reflects heat back into the room in winter. The Low Volatile Organic Compounds V.O.C. prevent any off gassing.

Cushion layer: for high rise and commercial applications.

  • Integrated reflective radiant / vapor barrier
  • Wear and acoustic layer
  • Metalised re-inforced foil layer with integral self-adhesive tape lip (Speeds installs)

Note: Install with silver metalised side down

Ideal for use under: Laminate, Carpet, Engineered or Solid hardwood or Ceramic tile*. Ceramic tile application requires special preparation and tile glue or mortar on the BLUE face as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It can be used in both Residential, Commercial and High Rise Applications.

5 in 1 Underlay Solution:

  1. Certified vapor barrier
  2. Certified thermal barrier
  3. Certified acoustic barrier
  4. Dual density foam for superior cushioning and wear resistance
  5. Metalized reflective radiant barrier with self-adhesive joint tape

Product Specification

Available Roll sizes:

9/64in x 48in x 25ft – (100 Sq.Ft)
3.5mm x 1.22mm x 7.62m – (9.3 m2)

9/64in x 48in x 62.5ft – (250 Sq.Ft)
3.5mm x 1.22mm x 19.05m – (23.24 m2)

9/64in x 48in x 125ft – (500 Sq.Ft)
3.5mm x 1.22mm x 38.1m – (46.48 m2)

Caution: This product must NOT be used ABOVE radiant heating.

Thermoquiet Installation PDF

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