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SilveRboard Graphite


sb-graphite2SilveRboard® Graphite XS (SBGXS), a new higher performing rigid foam Insulation, is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) base material that embeds carbon “graphite” particles which increases the thermal performance of the EPS insulation. The graphite EPS beads reflect radiant heat energy similar to the effect of a mirror and increases the materials ability to resist the flow of heat or R value.  SilveRboard® Graphite XS is a cost effective & higher performing Rigid Board Insulation for exterior wall assemblies.


SilveRboard® Graphite XS is a combination of the graphite embedded expanded polystyrene beads surrounded by air, this combination increases the thermal resistance (R value) the lower the outside temperature making SBGXS an ideal product for the Canadian environment. It also holds its R value for the life of the product.  

Product BenefitsFlower

•Employs a proprietary high strength, reflective metalized film layer on both faces that dramatically improves overall board strength and flexibility.

•Reduces on site damage and waste.

•The specially treated surface film vastly improves joint tape adhesion over the life of the product in both hot and cold weather. When correctly taped and flashed, provides the necessary second plan of protection without the need for additional sheathing membranes (as per the NBCC

•The patented micro-perforated film provides the material with high vapor permeanace properties (denoted with “XS”) while a nonperforated version (special order) is also available for vapor impermeable applications (See physical properties table below).


Infra-Red Blocker– 98% of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) consists of one of the most efficient insulators in the world – air. Using a proprietary process the cell walls of the EPS beads are treated with a special type of graphite that dramatically improves Infra –Red blocking (The beads ability to block or contain heat).

Technology Leap– On average this unique Graphite infused bead delivers an insulation performance that exceeds that of conventional white EPS by approximately 25%, and SPECIFICALLY in low–density applications like SBGXS (0.7lb cu/ft.), it has shown an increase of up to 30% (Ultimately giving you a higher insulation value (R Value) at a lower cu/ft. cost).

Technology Leader– The combination of BOTH air and this unique EPS bead make Amvic’s  Graphite EPS one of the leading products of its kind in the world, offering exceptional long term R value retention and performance.

Maximum Value

•     More durable during the construction process and various weather conditions.
•    Accepts taping which adheres quickly and permanently to SilveRboard film.
•    Higher performing insulation compared to standard EPS / XPS
•    Long term stable R value
•    Creates a high performing thermal envelope maximizing heating and cooling  efficiency
•    Provides level rigid surface for exterior finish materials
•    Light weight, easy to handle
•    Highly flexible for radius walls
•    SilveRboard® is available in ½” to 6” standard thickness.


  • Meets second plane of protection requirements, no additional membranes required.
  • Creates thermal envelope for maximum heat/cooling efficiency
  • Provides level, rigid surface for finishing
  • Lightweight foam, easy to handle
  • Recyclable, contains no CFCs or HCFCs



Physical Properties of SilveRboard® Graphite

Physical Property
Test Result
ASTM C518 R Value /1-inch @ 75°F
RSI /25mm @ 24°C
R 4.5
0.78 m².°C/W
ASTM C518 R Value/1-inch @0°F
RSI/25mm @-18°C
R 5.4
ASTM E96 Water Vapour Permeance 0.77 perm
44 ng/Pa.s.m²
ASTM E96 Perforated Water Vapour Permeance 157 ng/Pa.s.m²
ASTM D2126 Dimensional Stability
(% linear change)
Length: -0.18
Width: -0.15
ASTM C203 Flexural Strength (PSI)
Flexural Strength (kPa)
26 PSI
180 kPa
ASTM C272 Water Absorption
(% by volume)
ASTM D2863 Limiting Oxygen Index (%) <24
CAN/ULC S102.2 Flame Spread 155 Smoke Developed 340

Download the SilveRboard Graphite physical properties in PDF here

R and RSI value Conversion

R-value (imperial measurement) and RSI (metric measurement) are measurements of thermal resistance or ability of heat to transfer from hot to cold, through materials (such as insulation) and assemblies of materials (such as walls and floors). The higher the R or RSI value, the more a material prevents heat transfer.

The conversion between RSI and R-value is 1 h·ft2·°F/Btu = 0.176110 K·m2/W, or 1 K·m2/W = 5.678263 h·ft2·°F/Btu.

Converting R value to RSI = R value / 5.6782, as an example, an R-value of 10 = 1.76 RSI, (10/ 5.6782= 1.76)

Converting RSI to R value= RSI x 5.6782, as an example an RSI of 1.76= R10 (1.76 x 5.6782 = 10)