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Amvic InsulbuckInsulBuck™ was created as an alternative to wood and all vinyl block-outs for ICF construction walls. InsulBuck™ had to meet two requirements, First, it had to be cost effective, somewhere between the cost of wood and all vinyl. Second, it had to be easy to assemble and provide continuous insulation around the opening. Third, it had to be energy efficient. Well, InsulBuck™ has done all threeand then some while helping to achieve higher LEEDS points and reduce energy waste. This is truly an “ICF Buck for an ICF project” it maintains the ultra energy efficiency that an ICF wall is intended to provide, which is simply something that wood and all-vinyl can’t accomplish. InsulBuck™ is truly “Green” as it is made from recycled materials, is ZERO waste, and can accommodate any wall width and any ICF system. InsulBuck is a fresh, economical and effective approach to creating block-outs in ICF walls and will enhance any ICF project.

Features and Benefits:

  • InsulBuck™ is the first and only Insulated Buck System in the ICF Industry. From its inception, it is an incontestable leader in design. Manufactured to meet Necessity.
  • Higher R-value of R-32 up to R-53!  Much greater than wood or all vinyl bucks.
  • Made from Vinyl extrusions and highly efficient expanded polystyrene foam.
  • NO wood in InsulBuck™, so it will not warp, check, cup, bow, rot, splinter nor split.
  • Safer, Less weight and much more stable than potentially hazardous, chemically-treated wood.
  • Long-life expectancy equal to that of the ICF system into which it is being installed.
  • Integrated insulation (2″ thick, 2lb. density, expanded polystyrene foam) fortifies structural integrity and high R-Value.
  • Fastener pullout strength exceeds national code requirements.
  • Custom Shapes available to meet your specs – rounds, half-rounds, oval, arches,etc.
  • Fast and Easy assembly at jobsite or pre-assemble at your shop.
  • InsulBuck™ is light weight for ease of installation making the jobsite safer
  • The InsulBrace™ quickly squares corners and secures buck together.
  • No thermal bridging or gaps with InsulBuck, maintains the energy efficiency of the wall.
  • InsulBuck™ can accommodate any ICF wall width, all sizes are immediately available.
  • “Curb Appeal” clean appearance enhances the ICF structure’s eye-value.
  • InsulBuck™ components are designed “Green” for little residual construction waste, to maximize builders’ profitability by minimal component inventory , light-weight design and tight-pack expedited shipping

Window & extension Jab InstallationInterior Bracing Diagram

Amvic part # Description
IB250PVC InsulBuck PVC Frame 2.50″  Amvic ICF
IB325PVC Insulbuck PVC Frame 3.25″ Amvic Plus ICF
IB298EPS 4″ ICF Foam Insert – 2 lb.EPS, 2″ x 9″ x 8′
IB2118EPS 6″ ICF Foam Insert – 2 lb. EPS, 2″ x 11″ x 8′
IB21258EPS 6″ Amvic Plus ICF Foam Insert –  2 lb. EPS,  2″ x 12.5″ x 8′
IB2138EPS 8″ ICF Foam Insert – 2 lb. EPS,  2″ x 13″ x 8′
IB21458EPS 8″ Amvic Plus ICF Foam Insert –  2 lb. EPS,  2″ x 14.5″ x 8′
IB2158EPS 10″ ICF Foam Insert  2 lb. EPS,  2″ x 15″ x 8′
IB2178EPS 12″ ICF Foam Insert – 2 lb. EPS,  2″ x 17″ x 8′