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Many of Amvic's products are designed to Do-It-Yourself.

Amdry Insulated Subfloors

Warmer, dryer, more energy efficient basements

Amdry is a one-step insulated subfloor system with a moisture resistant protective surface film.

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Amvic is an industry leading manufacturer of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Rigid Foam Insulation (EPS) products.

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Hydronic Radiant Heating for Poultry Barns

Why hydronic heating for poultry barns can be beneficial for your chickens! Poultry barns are necessary to heat, especially for the development and weight gain of broiler chickens which are raised specifically for the food industry. The heat is adjusted according to how the chickens grow, and typically starts out warmer for newly hatched chickens […]

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