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5 Easy Steps to a Perfect Paint Job


October 20, 2014

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5 Easy Steps to a Perfect Paint Job

Whether you are a construction professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, you don’t want to ruin a perfect project with a bad paint job. Perfecting your finish takes time and careful preparation. Don’t try to rush it or you may just have to do it again. Here are some easy ways to ensure that you get the perfect finish every time.

Clean Slate

Start with a clean working surface. This is the most important part, but most people rush through it. Take the time to properly prepare the surfaces you are going to paint. Sand surfaces that require smoothing or to remove old layers of paint. Make sure that surfaces are clean and dry before proceeding. Remember that any blemishes on the underlying layer will show through to the finish.
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Building for Climate Change

Amvic Blog - Building For Climate ChangeAs temperatures rise, the frequency and severity of storm systems is forcing prospective homeowners to build for inclement weather. Stronger wind systems, storm surges and flooding all need to be taken into account when constructing new homes to prevent damage and save lives. Extreme temperatures also mean that home owners need to focus on effective building envelopes to keep comfortable, reduce their home’s impact on the environment and save money on energy.

Storm Surges

When selecting the location for your new home, be cognizant of rising water levels and storm surges. Many insurance companies will no longer cover homes that are situated in flood zones. NOAA has been working hard to help keep people informed of the dangers of flooding and storm surges in the US. Following the devastation along the New York and New Jersey coastlines in 2012, new color-coded maps have been released which show where water surges can take place during storms.
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Are your HVAC Ducts Leaking?

Are your Ducts LeakyAccording to Energy Star, a typical house loses about 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system due to leaks, resulting in higher utility bills and discomfort for house occupants. Unbalanced air pressure can further add to your duct leak energy loss. Regular inspection and maintenance of your duct system will save you money and reduce energy consumption.

Why do duct leaks waste so much energy?

Duct leaks occur in every home due to holes, disconnected ducting and leaky seams. Although leaks inside your conditioned space still waste energy and cause discomfort, they’re not as bad as leaks that occur in unconditioned spaces.

Air leakage inside the conditioned space of the home will cause a positive indoor air pressure and this will force your conditioned air out. Air loss outside the home may cause a negative indoor air pressure which can result in unconditioned air from outside being drawn into the home which compounds duct leak energy losses.
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Building Information Modelling saves you Time and Money

A building site is a complex web of disparate activities which must work in unison in order to achieve quality in the least amount of time; a combination essential to success. If materials don’t arrive, construction is delayed or if the site isn’t properly prepared, trades can’t do their jobs. One way to help with planning is through Building Information Modeling (BIM) which helps you to perfect your processes. BIM software enables you to create a detailed description of every aspect of your build from conception to demolition.

Building Information Modelling saves you Time and Money.

BIM includes three-dimensional and dynamic building modeling software which helps to improve productivity and incorporates spatial relationships, building geometry, geographical information on the site, climate zone information, the building components and the quantities of building materials utilized in a build.
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Amvic Partners with Mike Holmes

Holmes3+logo2Mike Holmes is North America’s most trusted contractor. Not only has he been a contractor for over 30 years, he has made it his personal mission to ensure that contractors and homeowners get the very best advice. On his show “Holmes on Homes” and in subsequent shows, he helps right the home improvement wrongs experienced by Canadian home owners. Now Mike Holmes is partnering with Amvic to bring you ‘Holmes Approved’ building materials that ensure you have a safer, greener and healthier home.

Amdry Basement Subflooring

According to Holmes: “I use Amdry because it’s key to building and renovating a home right—especially when it comes to basements. I see a lot of mould and heat loss in basements. A home could be losing as much 60 percent of its heat through the basement! That’s unacceptable.”

Amdry is an easy to install, one-step insulated subfloor system. One side has a moisture resistant protective surface film so that your Amdry subflooring not only reduces slab surface moisture, it also helps to insulate. The Amdry subflooring system reduces temperature fluctuations so that your home is fitted with a healthy, comfortable, warm basement flooring while reducing the chance for mold and mildew.
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Are your Building Products Really Green?

Is your home really greenAs building codes become more stringent and consumers more discerning, greener building products are enjoying increased popularity. With sustainability and energy conservation as great motivators, consumers are turning to green building materials to save them money. While leaps and bounds in technological advancements that have brought us such modern wonders as spray foam insulation and ICF building blocks, not all green building products are as environmentally friendly as they seem.

Bamboo building products (especially flooring) have been steadily gaining traction as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood options and it’s easy to see why. Not only is bamboo durable and attractive, it is also able to regenerate within ten years, which makes it an extremely sustainable resource.

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