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New Energy Efficiency Requirements for Western Canada


August 24, 2016

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The new energy efficiency requirements reference effective thermal resistance (or RSI) for the wall assembly as opposed to “nominal” RSI. Effective RSI adds up the thermal resistance associated with all of the components within an assembly. The nominal RSI value for a wall, accounts only for the insulation. Read more

Easy Electrical Upgrades that will Save you Money this Fall


Outdated electrical wiring and connections can be dangerous. For example, if your home was built during the ‘70s, you may have aluminium wiring which has been implicated in a number of house fires and is no longer permitted in most areas. If you have knob and tube or aluminium wiring, you may struggle to get insurance or have higher premiums. If you are already looking to upgrade your electrics, here’s how to get the most out of every dollar while adding to the value of your home.
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Largest Multi-Storey Condo footprint in Niagara, Ontario

Multi-storey condo

Olympia Retirement Condominium development with a 4.9 acre parcel of greenspace in north Niagara Falls. – See more at:

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ICFs offer Protection from Fires


This year’s El Niño phenomenon has caused widespread drought which places many areas at risk of wild fires. As climate change continues to affect our weather, the instances of wildfires, floods and high wind events will continue to increase. Every year, fires claim more Canadian and American lives than all other natural phenomenon combined. If you are planning a new build or a renovation, building to meet the changing climate will ensure the safety of your home and family.
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Contractor Training with Amvic Building System


June 7, 2016

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 McMunn and Yates Contractor Training with Amvic Building System

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McMunn and Yates Head Office, Headingly, MB

When constructing with ICF’s, understanding the building code requirements and how to properly install ICF’s are important factors for getting the job done right and efficiently. Supplying quality products is only the beginning. Amvic goes beyond, offering quality service and providing professionals with installation techniques, technical information and product training to help make their job easier.

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Protect Your Family from Summer Storms

The weather is getting increasingly unpredictable with tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes wreaking havoc on lives and property. It’s no surprise that homeowners are opting for structures they know can resist adverse weather phenomenon to keep their families and investments safe. ICFs are being touted as the best defense against inclement weather, here’s why.
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