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AmDry Wall

AmDry Wall

The Amdry Insulated Wall Panel (IWP) System is an environmentally friendly solution for basement walls.

What is Amdry Wall*?

Amdry insulated wall panels combine an environmentally friendly alternative to gypsum drywall laminated to expandable polystyrene (EPS) insulation to make a one step insulated wall panel. It provides a healthy, comfortable and warm basement living environment, significantly reduces humidity and temperature fluctuations.

The wall panels are mold mildew and moisture resistant and provide thermal and sound insulation value.

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insulated wall panels for basements

Energy Efficient

Amdry’s EPS insulation provides a high quality and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fiber insulation products.
The combination of EPS insulation laminated to the environmentally friendly face panel  provides superior wall assembly reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

Drier Basements

Amdry IWP is installed with an air space between the basement concrete wall and the EPS insulation.

When used in conjunction with the Amdry subfloor panel the entire system provides continuous air flow, allowing any moisture entering the system to evaporate, keeping your basement drier and warmer.

Even when installed without Amdry Subfloor, it provides a better ability to dry concrete walls.

Environmentally Friendly Drywall Alternative

The face panel is resistant to fire and moisture. Unlike drywall, it doesn’t have any organic food (drywall paper) for mold or mildew. As a result its potential is significantly reduced.

Panels contain no volatile organic chemicals or harmful silica. It is water resistant and will not swell, disseminate , warp or disintegrate when exposed to a wet environment.

Easy Installation

The Amdry insulated wall panels come in 2′ x 8′ size. The EPS insulation is recessed to accommodate wood or steel stud and made in 3 ½” and 5 ½” thicknesses (R14 and R22). The panels are fastened using regular course or fine drywall screws. Joint finishing is fast and easy. The light weight 24″ wide panels are specifically designed to accommodate tight basement stairways.


How to install Amdry Insulated Subfloor

  • Required Tools:
  • Cutting saw
  • tape measure
  • utility knife
  • tape
  • chalk line and plumb


Install top & bottom framing plates and all corner vertical studs. Ensure the corner studs are plumb in all directions. Layout out all electrical wires, plugs and switches behind studs before starting panel installation.


Starting in one corner, cut back one edge of insulation foam to place IWP tight against the corner stud. Attach the first panel to the studs with residential drywall screws. Next, install vertical stud at the opposite end of IWP.


You will not need to remove any foam insulation. The last panel may need to be cut to fit room dimensions along with removing foam insulation for corner stud.

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*Patent pending