ICF Training


The Installation Training Session is a one-day seminar to contractors, architects, owner-builders or homeowners interested in learning about construction using insulating concrete forms (ICF). Classes provide a mixture of lecture presentation and hands-on-demonstration of the basics of construction of residential and light commercial structures using insulating concrete forms (ICF).

The class covers all of the requirements & skills needed to construct the ICF shell of a typical 1-3 story residence or light commercial structure. The course is targeted at professionals, however prospective homeowners with a basic understanding of construction practices will be able to fully participate and benefit from the course.

Specifically the class covers:

  • Features & Benefits of ICF construction
  • Tools required
  • Footing types and preparation
  • Basics of block installation and assembly
  • Rebar placement & installation
  • Window and door installation
  • Top plate/sill & truss/rafter installation
  • Bracing and pouring ICF walls
  • Elevated concrete floors & roofs
  • Utility installation: electrical & plumbing
  • Below grade installation and waterproofing
  • Multi-story applications
  • Wall claddings (stucco, siding, etc.)

Toronto, Ontario

501 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON, M2H2E2

Conductor: Marty McCartney, Amvic Inc.

Duration: 8:30am-5pm

Includes: Lunch, refreshments, brochures and basic training materials.

Amvic ICF Technical & Installation Manuals will also be available for purchase.

  • Black and white – $18
  • Full Colour – $80
  • CD – $5

We accept cash and personal cheques. The manual costs will be rebated on the first block order placed with Amvic.

Winter 2016 Schedule:

Jan 30th 2016, Feb 27th 2016, March 26th 2016

Advanced reservation required. To register online, please click here.

For more information or to register by phone or e-mail, please contact Customer Services at 1 877 470 9991 .

Northern California & Nevada

Conductor: Amvic-Pacific

Duration: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Cost: $85 US. Includes all materials, beverages, snacks and a catered lunch.

For more information, including a schedule of upcoming seminars, locations, and registration, visit Amvic-Pacific.

Registration accepted online, by fax, mail, or telephone 530-265-9085 .

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