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Largest Multi-Storey Condo footprint in Niagara, Ontario

Multi-storey condo

Olympia Retirement Condominium development with a 4.9 acre parcel of greenspace in north Niagara Falls. – See more at:

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Contractor Training with Amvic Building System


June 7, 2016

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 McMunn and Yates Contractor Training with Amvic Building System

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McMunn and Yates Head Office, Headingly, MB

When constructing with ICF’s, understanding the building code requirements and how to properly install ICF’s are important factors for getting the job done right and efficiently. Supplying quality products is only the beginning. Amvic goes beyond, offering quality service and providing professionals with installation techniques, technical information and product training to help make their job easier.

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7 Tips to Designing a Zero Energy Home

Tax Breaks For CanadiansDesigning a zero energy house (ZEH) is a complex procedure. A properly functioning ZEH is like a well composed concerto; all systems need to be working seamlessly together to create a masterpiece. The most important requirements include a well insulated building envelope, efficient HVAC, a reliable source of renewable energy and energy efficient appliances. All of these components must work together to create a home that is healthy and produces as much energy as it consumes. Here are 7 tips to designing a ZEH so harmonious, it would make Mozart proud. Read more

Tips for successfully retrofitting or building your green house

Choosing a Contractor for your Green Home

Building a house is one of the most important investments you will make. Hiring an inexperienced green building contractor may cost less initially, but you will pay for it in the long run. Many green building techniques and materials are state-of-the-art and contractors have not had enough experience with them to do a good job. If your contractor has been ‘building this way for 20 years’, he’s probably not the right man for the job. But how, exactly, does one tell the good from the bad and the ugly? Read more

Tilt-up Building Revolutionized

Amvic combines the best of ICF building with tilt-up technology to create the EnerTILT system

The copious advantages of building with concrete are already well established. Concrete is impervious to the destruction caused to wood framed homes by rodents and insects. Mould and mildew also hold no sway and concrete structures are known for their resilience to extremes in inclement weather. Earthquake and fire resistant, concrete structures enjoy lower insurance premiums than their wood framed counterparts. Concrete walls offer increased noise reduction and lower heating and cooling costs. Read more

Saving Lives II: Fire, Demented Driving and Random Acts of God

Each year, fire claims more Canadian lives than all other natural disasters combined. Fires cause billions of dollars in property damage and destroys vital natural areas. To combat loss of life and property, building techniques have been developed to protect your family, home and belongings from fire damage. ICFs are the leading materials in fire safety technology. ICFs block wall systems provide solid concrete, reinforced exteriors that have a 3 to 4 hour fire rating. The exterior Styrofoam insulation simply melts off the walls rather than combusting. A study conducted by the Southwest Pacific Research Institute found the emissions from burning the insulating foam on ICFs “no more toxic” than smoke from wood frame housing. Read more

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