Buoyancy Applications


Amvic’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) can be used for a variety of flotation devices. For these applications the EPS is produced in billets which have low water absoption and high flexural strength.


* Docks and marinas
* Rafts
* Floating homes


There are many benefits to using EPS for floation devices which is why it is the most popular method used today.

* Supports up to 55lbs per cubic ft.
* Low water absorption
* High flexural strength
* Minimizes rocking
* Resistant to breaking waves
* Quiet
* Suitable for fresh or salt water
* Unaffected by winter climate
* Lightweight and easy to install
* Long life span with minimal maintenance
* Environmentally Friendly


Buoyancy billets are produced in standard sizes, but custom orders can be easily accommodated.

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