Amvic Plus 3.30

Amvic’s third generation ICF Amvic Plus 3.30 incorporates many of the proven, patented innovations of the first and second generation form and has been expanded to provide a stronger, more energy efficient and easier to install product.

The two EPS side panels have increased by 30% going from 2.5” to 3.25” per side for a total EPS width of 6.5” the wider EPS foam also increases the R value of the block from R22 to R30 making it the highest R value of any factory assembled block in the industry.

  • Due to the thicker EPS panels the webs are now able to be spaced every 8” on center making Amvic Plus 3.30 the only block in the industry to have the same form capacity as the Amvic 6” on center block. It is proven to be the strongest block in the industry according to CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Center) forming capacity test.
  • The Amvic FormLock™ interlocking system ensures a tight and secure interlock between the forms due to the 1” deep grooves that virtually align themselves, thus providing greater strength without the need for gluing or taping.
  • It has evolved to include an open recess on the interlock which provides water drainage to eliminate moisture build up in the interlock during wet installation conditions.

The 90 Degree corner

- Largest corner block in the industry at 7.78 sq. ft. of wall area.

- Only ICF corner block with two diagonal cross ties, one on either side of the corner, which virtually eliminates the chance of blow out while pouring concrete in the normally stressful corner area.

- The corner cross ties also incorporate a 6” x 1” attachment area every 16” on center for exterior siding and other exterior finishes.

- The Amvic Plus 3.30 corner block is the strongest ICF corner block in the industry.

The 45 Degree corner

- The largest 45 degree corner in the industry at 6.22 sq.ft of surface area.

- 3.25” per side of EPS.

- Open drainage channel FormLock™ system.

- 8” on center web spacing, and a 30% higher R value of R30.

R-Value Charts

The following charts illustrate the R-value of an Amvic wall using Amvic plus 3.30. Chart 1 shows that an Amvic ICF wall provides an R-value of 30 when the outside temperature is -30/-22F, and Chart 2 shows Amvic ICF wall provides an R-value of 33.4 when the outside temperature is 22/71.6F

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Report ITL-053012-12130

Report ITL-053012-12130 R Charts.

Amvic Plus 3.30

Product Core Form Dimensions (LxHxW)* Concrete Volume Per Form Concrete
Surface Area Per Form
Amvic Plus Straight Reversible Block 6″ 48″ x 16″ x 12.5″ 0.099 cu-yd 0.019 cu-yd 5.33 sq.ft
Amvic Plus 90° Corner Reversible Block 6″ [43"+27"] x 16″ x 12.5″ 0.118 cu-yd 0.015 cu-yd 7.78 sq.ft
Amvic Plus 45° Corner Reversible Block 6″ [36"+20"] x 16″ x 12.5″ 0.105 cu-yd 0.017 cu-yd 6.22 sq.ft